Frequently Asked Questions

How does the custom plush toy process work?

The first step is telling us the specifics of your project. We use that information to develop a quote for you. After the quote is approved, we can provide you with sketches and/or a prototype. After you've reviewed and approved these, we can move on to manufacturing, packaging, and finally delivery.


How long does it take to manufacture a custom plush toy?

It depends on the complexity of the custom plush toy. An average custom plush project usually takes 60 days for final delivery. Some projects can be completed more quickly. We will tell you the lead time of your project during the quoting process.


How much does it cost to manufacture a custom plush toy?

Cost depends on the type of custom plush toy you want to have manufactured. Factors that determine pricing include size, materials, and quantity. We'll provide you with a detailed quote for your specific project and you'll know exactly how much your project will cost before we get started. Since we're the manufacturer, you'll be working directly with the source.


What is the minimum order quantity?

We can deliver virtually any quantity, large or small. The more you order, the better your pricing will be.


Where are your custom plush toys manufactured?

We have factories in China that manufacture exclusively for us.We own the factories and we control the entire process from start to finish.


Are your custom plush toys safe?

Absolutely. We use the strictest manufacturing processes that adhere to the highest industry standards.


Can you package my custom plush toys?

Yes. We can develop custom packaging that perfectly matches your exact specifications.


Where are you located?

We're a U.S. company located in City of Insustry, California.